Fashion and Donatello

imageHello from Italy! I am Aine Ford, and I am writing as the “fashion editor” of the Montrose in Italy blog. Today, I would like to shine a spotlight on three individuals – Molly Bowman ’18,  Brooke Harrison ’19, and Demi Katinas ’19. Earlier today, we visited the Museo Nazionale de Bargello. The museum highlights examples of early, middle, and late stages of both Michelangelo’s and Donatello’s work. These two Renaissance icons are renowned for their individuality and creativity, as well as for their celebration of the human spirit.

Molly truly embraced these innovative ideals with her outfit. She rocked a stunning black floral jumpsuit which she daringly paired with a sheer floral shawl. Much like Donatello’s “David,” she created something new by taking risks, while also staying true to what works. She tied the look together with a straw hat with ribbons that matched the floral pattern and a “7 year Montrose survivor” pin.

Brooke and Demi also took on bold outfits that played off in a big way today. They matched each other in outfits they bought together – red, white, and blue dresses. Similar to how Michelangelo created his own style by drawing inspiration from others, Brooke and Demi each choose a style that was totally unique to the wearer.

While Italians are known for their sense of style, our Montrosians held their own today.  Everyone looked beautiful, and I’m so excited to highlight my gorgeous and stylish friends.

~ Aine Ford ’18

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